Convert standard text into 3D text

You can convert standard 2D text to 3D text, and vice versa.

  • In the Appearance pane of the Text Inspector, select the 3D Text activation checkbox (to the left of the 3D Text group header).

    3D Text controls in the Appearance pane of the Text Inspector

    When you select the 3D Text checkbox, parameters specific to 3D text become available, and the Face and Outline controls are replaced with the Lighting, Materials, and Options groups of controls. The Glow and Drop Shadow controls remain available.

    To convert from 3D text back to 2D text, deselect the 3D Text activation checkbox.

    To learn how to create and work with 3D text, see 3D text overview. For a description of each 3D text parameter, see 3D Text controls.