Add light-emitting material layers

The Emit material layer causes the selected 3D text layer to appear to be self-illuminating rather than just reflecting other light. The light emitted using this method does not act like other light sources in a 3D project: it doesn’t illuminate other objects or cause shadows to be cast.

Canvas showing the effect of emit layer

In fact, the Emit layer is texture with a single color, gradient, or image, which is superimposed over 3D text object using an Addblend mode to make the text appear brighter.

  1. In the Appearance pane of the Text inspector, click the Add Layer pop-up menu, then choose Emit.

    An Emit material layer is added in the Options section of the Appearance pane.

    3D Text Inspector showing Emit controls
  2. Click the Fill pop-up menu and choose a fill type (Color, Gradient, or Texture).

    Depending on the Fill option you choose, additional parameter controls appear in the Emit material layer. For a full description of all Emit parameter controls, see Emit controls.