Apply a preset 3D text style

The easiest way to give basic 3D text a dynamic appearance is to apply one of the ready-made 3D text styles that come with Motion. These preset styles combine font, depth, and texture settings to create an “instant” 3D graphical treatment.

  1. In the Layers list, Canvas, or Timeline, select a 3D text object.

  2. In the Text Inspector, click the preset pop-up menu at the top of the Format pane or Appearance pane, then choose 3D Styles.

    Text Style Preset pop-up menu in the Format pane of the Text Inspector
  3. Choose a 3D text style from the submenu that appears.

    Figure. Inspector showing 3D Text Sytles pop-up menu.

    The 3D text style is applied to the selected text.

    Figure. Canvas showing 3D text with style applied.

Alternatively, you can create your own custom 3D text styles and looks by applying several of the numerous 3D textures and finishes (materials) available in the Motion Library. You can also create your own materials using images imported into Motion. For more information, see Materials overview.