Add 3D text

You can add 3D text to your project using the 3D Text tool.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the toolbar, click and hold the Text tool, then choose the 3D Text tool from the pop-up menu.

      Selecting the 3D text tool from the toolbar
    • Press the T key twice (pressing T once activates the basic Text tool, and pressing T again activates the 3D Text tool).

  2. Click anywhere in the Canvas to create an insertion point, then begin typing.

    Tip: You can also choose the 3D Text tool, then drag in the Canvas to create a paragraph-style text-entry field with adjustable margins. For more information, see “Add paragraph-style text with margins that wrap” in Add text.

    The 3D text appears in the Canvas. By default, newly created 3D text objects are given a smooth, white plastic appearance. To give basic 3D text a more dynamic look, you can quickly apply one of the ready-made 3D text styles that come with Motion. These preset text styles artfully combine font, depth, and texture settings. Or, if you want to create a custom look, you can apply textures and finishes available in the Motion Library.