Curve extrapolation methods

The following extrapolation options are available in the Before First Keyframe and After Last Keyframe submenus. (In each of the illustrated examples below, the extrapolation setting is applied after the last keyframe.)

  • Constant: This method, the default, holds the beginning or ending segments of the curve to the same value as the first or last keyframe.

    Example of Constant keyframe extrapolation
  • Linear: This method extends the curve beyond the first or last keyframes uniformly, along the existing trajectory of the first or last keyframe.

    Example of Linear keyframe extrapolation
  • Ping Pong: This method copies the curve and repeats it, alternating forward and backward.

    Example of Ping Pong keyframe extrapolation
  • Repeat: This method duplicates the curve, applying it again and again.

    Example of Repeat keyframe extrapolation
  • Progressive: This method extends the curve by repeating the existing shape of the curve, but rather than returning to the exact values, repeats from the existing end value.

    Example of Progressive keyframe extrapolation