Display the Keyframe Editor

The Keyframe Editor provides a visualization of changing keyframe values in the form of animation curves. Animation curves plot keyframes on a line over time; changing keyframe values modify the shape of the curve. In the Keyframe Editor, you can view and modify these curves to fine-tune animation in your project.

Timing pane showing Keyframe Editor

On the left side of the Keyframe Editor, a parameter list shows parameters that have keyframes. And on the right side, a graph area displays animation curves for those keyframed parameters. The Keyframe Editor makes it easy to add and delete keyframes, as well as move them in two-dimensional space to modify their values (up-down) and their positions in time (left-right). You can manipulate curves and define a variety of interpolation methods, creating dramatically different types of effects.

For a complete list of Keyframe Editor features, see Keyframe Editor controls.

Show the Keyframe Editor

Do one of the following:

  • Click the Show Keyframe Editor button in the bottom-right corner of the Motion workspace.

    Show Keyframe Editor button in bottom-right corner of Motion window
  • Choose Window > Keyframe Editor.

  • Press Command-8.

The Keyframe Editor appears in the Timing pane (under the Timeline if the Timeline is displayed).