Flash Frame

The Flash Frame behavior inserts a user-defined range of random frames (adjacent to the current frame) into the playback of a clip.

Adjust this behavior using the controls in the Behaviors Inspector:

  • Random Frames: A slider that sets the probability that a frame within the duration of the behavior is replaced with a random frame. When this value is set to 0, no random frames are inserted. When set to 100, every frame is random. The default value is 10%.

  • Frame Range: A slider that defines the range from which the random frames are chosen, based around the current frame. The default value is 10 frames.

  • Duration: A slider that sets the duration of the sequence of random frames. The default value is 1, which means one random frame is inserted at a time. When Duration is set to 30, for example, 30-frame sequences (chosen from the Frame Range) are randomly inserted. The Duration value overrides the Random Frame count (so a new random frame does not interrupt the sequence).

  • Random Seed: A button that picks a new random seed number. This number is used to generate new values, based on the other parameters of this behavior.