The Custom behavior lets you make your own behaviors by creating a set of parameters, then keyframing them to create the type of animation you want to apply to an object. By saving custom behaviors you create in the Library, you can build your own collection of behaviors to suit your needs.

The Custom behavior is not applied like the other Parameter behaviors described in this section. Rather, you apply the Custom behavior like any other non-Parameter behavior in Motion: by dragging it from the Library onto an object in the Canvas or Layers list, or by selecting an object in the Canvas or Layers list, then choosing Custom from the Add Behavior pop-up menu.

Note: Although the Custom behavior is a Parameter behavior, it does not appear in the shortcut menu when you Control-click a parameter.

Unlike other behaviors, the Custom behavior doesn’t apply default parameters in the Behaviors Inspector. Instead, a pair of pop-up menus lets you add and remove any parameters you want to use.

Behaviors Inspector showing default Custom behavior settings

Adjust this behavior using the controls in the Behaviors Inspector:

  • Add Parameter: A pop-up menu used to add parameters you want to keyframe to create custom animation. Choose a parameter from this menu to add it to the Custom parameter list for keyframing.

  • Remove Parameter: A pop-up menu listing parameters you’ve added to the current Custom behavior. Choose a parameter from this menu to remove it from the Custom parameter list, along with any keyframes applied to that parameter.