Change the start or end offset of Parameter behaviors

Many Parameter behaviors have two additional parameters, Start Offset and End Offset, used to change the frame where a Parameter behavior’s effect begins and ends.

Use the Start Offset slider to delay the beginning of the behavior’s effect, relative to the first frame of its position in the Timeline. Adjust this parameter to make the Parameter behavior start later.

Use the End Offset slider to extend the behavior’s effect relative to the last frame of its position in the Timeline. Using this slider to stop the effect, instead of trimming the end of the behavior bar in the Timeline, lets you freeze the behavior’s effect on the object for its remaining duration.

The following example shows how to use the Start Offset and End Offset parameter with the Ramp behavior (applied to the Scale parameter of a shape).

Use the Start Offset and End Offset parameters

  1. In the Layers list, Timeline, or Canvas, select an image layer, such as a shape.

  2. In the Properties Inspector, Control-click the Scale parameter, then choose Add Parameter Behavior > Ramp from the shortcut menu.

    The Ramp behavior is applied to the Scale parameter of the layer, and the Behaviors Inspector opens. The Ramp behavior lets you create a gradual transition in any animatable parameter.

  3. Set the Start Value to 0 and the End Value to 200, then play the project.

    The layer scales from its original size to twice its original size over the duration of the layer.

  4. Set the Start Offset to 90 and the End Offset to 90.

    The layer does not begin scaling until frame 90, and stops scaling 90 frames from its last frame in the Timeline.