About behaviors and keyframes in the Keyframe Editor

When you keyframe a parameter that’s already affected by a behavior, the keyframes add to or subtract from the effect of the behavior. This effect is shown in the Keyframe Editor, which displays two curves for each parameter modified by both a behavior and one or more keyframes:

  • A bold, editable curve displaying the effect of keyframes on the parameter

  • An lighter, noneditable curve displaying the combined effect of the behavior and keyframes on the parameter at each frame.

Keyframe Editor showing behavior curve affected by keyframes applied to the same parameter

Dragging a keyframe on the bold curve also modifies the lighter curve, because the keyframe is modifying the values generated by the behavior.

Important: The value displayed in the Inspector for the affected parameter reflects the combined result of keyframes and behaviors applied to that parameter. Editing a parameter’s values in the Inspector only results in changes made to the underlying parameter value, whether keyframed or not. This parameter value is then combined with the behavior’s effect, yielding a final value that might differ from the value you entered.

When you combine keyframes with multiple behaviors, the results can appear to be unpredictable, depending on the combination of behaviors applied.