Example: Modify the Flare In behavior

In this section, the Flare In behavior (from the Text-Glow subcategory of preset text behaviors) is used to show how to modify a preset text behavior.

The following steps begin at the first frame of the text.

  1. Select the text layer to be animated, then click the Add Behavior pop-up menu in the toolbar and choose Text-Glow > Flare In.

    At the first frame, the text is not visible because Face opacity and Glow opacity start at 0%, then move to 100%.

  2. Press the Space bar to play the project and see the applied effect.

    The text characters fade in from 0% to 100% percent opacity, and sharpen from a blur value of 10. A glow overlays the effect as the text appears.

    Canvas showing Flare In behavior with opacity, blur, and glow settings applied
  3. In the Layers list, select the Flare In behavior.

    The Behaviors Inspector opens, listing the specific text parameters used to create the animation (above the Add and Remove pop-up menus in the Parameter row).

    Inspector showing settings for Flare In behavior
  4. In the Parameter row, click the Add pop-up menu, then choose Format > Rotation.

    A Rotation parameter is added to the sequence (click the Format disclosure triangle to see the Rotation parameter).

    Inspector showing expanded settings for Flare In behavior
  5. Move the playhead to the first frame of the text, then click the Record button in the transport controls under the Canvas (or press A) to turn on keyframe recording.

  6. In the Behaviors Inspector, set the Rotation dial to 90.

  7. Press the Space bar to play the project and see the result.

    Because the Rotation parameter has only a single keyframe, the text remains static at 90 degrees.

    Canvas showing text remaining at 90 degrees throughout the animation
  8. Move the playhead to the frame where you want the rotation animation to end, and then in the Behaviors Inspector, set Rotation to 0.

    Now that you’ve set a second keyframe value, the sequence is animated.

    Note: You can edit the keyframes in the Keyframe Editor. For more information, see Keyframing overview.

  9. Return the playhead to frame 1 of the text and press the Space bar to play the project.

    As the project plays, the text rotates from 90 degrees to 0 degrees.

    Canvas showing characters rotating from 90 degrees back to 0 degrees over the course of the animation

    You can change the color or other attributes of the text glow by using the Glow controls in the Appearance pane of the Text Inspector.