About the preset text behaviors

Preset text sequence behaviors, found in the Text Sequence subcategory of behaviors in the Library, are preset versions of the Sequence Text behavior. The parameters in these preset behaviors are already animated (often with keyframes), requiring little or no customization on your part (although you can always modify them).

There are six classes of preset behaviors in the Text Sequence subcategory:

  • Text-Basic: Simple animations with a start (text appears) and end (text disappears), such as a fade-in or a blur-out.

  • Text-Continuous: Animations without a start or end, such as text that wiggles continuously.

  • Text-Energetic: Animations with a start (text appears) and end (text disappears) with a little more pizazz, such as text that bounces in or twirls out.

  • Text-Glow: Animations with a start (text appears) and end (text disappears) that create glowing effects, such as a wisp in or a flare out.

  • Text-Highlighter: Animations that are applied to the beginning of a text layer, such as a quick shiver or stretch.

  • Text-Subtle: Animations with a start (text appears) and end (text disappears) that create soft, mellow effects, such as text that shimmers in or glows out.

After you apply a preset text behavior, you can leave it as is, or customize it to adjust the text effect or timing. Because these presets are all based on the highly customizable Sequence Text behavior, you can easily modify parameter values, add additional parameters, or remove parameters. For example, the Arrange In behavior automatically animates text Opacity, Scale, and Rotation values by default. However, you can add a parameter, such as Position, to the behavior.

The parameter controls in the Behaviors Inspector vary depending on the preset behavior you apply. Some preset behaviors are composed of multiple behaviors. For example, the Quiver preset behavior is made from a customized Sequence Text behavior and a Randomize parameter behavior.

For more information about the adjustable controls in preset text behaviors, see Sequence Text behavior controls. For more information about Parameter behaviors, see Parameter behaviors overview.

Tip: Because most preset text sequence behaviors are keyframed, it’s often helpful to see where the keyframes occur when customizing. In the Timeline, click the Show/Hide Keyframes button to display keyframes superimposed over the behavior’s timebar.

Timeline showing Show/Hide Keyframes button and visible keyframes in a text sequence behavior