Save a modified text behavior to the Library

As with all modified behaviors, filters, generators, and so on, you can save a modified text behavior to the Library.

Save a modified behavior to the Library

  1. If necessary for organizational purposes, rename an applied text behavior by double-clicking its name in the Layers list, typing a new name, then pressing Return.

  2. In the Library, select the Behaviors subcategory where you want to store the behavior, such as the Text Sequence subcategory or Favorites category.

    The Library stack displays behaviors already in the selected subcategory.

  3. From the Layers list or Timeline, drag the behavior into the Library stack, releasing the mouse button when the green add pointer (+) appears over the stack window.

    The behavior is saved to the Library in the behaviors subcategory you selected. A custom behavior is represented by a user icon in the lower-right corner of the behavior icon.

For more information, see Save custom objects to the Library and Manage Library folders and files.