Filter types overview

There are 11 filter types in Motion:

  • Blur filters create design effects or simulate the real-world blurring that occurs due to the depth of field in photographed material.

  • Border filters frame layers in a composition in various ways.

  • Color Correction filters create design effects or fix a problem with contrast, color, gamma, or brightness.

  • Distortion filters change the shape of layers—warping, twisting, and pulling them in different directions.

  • Glow filters combine blur with brightness and color effects.

  • Keying filters isolate a foreground image from a uniform background color (a green screen, for example) for special effects compositing.

  • Sharpen filters sharpen images by creating a high-contrast overlay that emphasizes edges in the image.

  • Stylize filters simulate different media, such as film, television, or print.

  • Tiling filters create geometric patterns using shapes that are arranged into mosaics.

  • Time filters manipulate video clips temporally.

  • Video filters are utilitarian in nature, and can help prepare a project for broadcast output.

For detailed information about each filter and its parameter controls, click the links in the list above.