Glow filters overview

Glow filters combine blur with brightness and color effects. The results are automatically recomposited over the original image in various ways. Glows can be used to simulate film effects, as a method to render your footage more abstract, or as accents to make elements in a composition stand out.

There are nine Glow filters:

  • Aura adds stylized light or dark halos around well-defined areas of an image.

  • Bloom simulates the effect of extremely overexposed highlights on film.

  • Dazzle adds glowing star-shaped accents to the highlights in an image.

  • Glint adds a bloom effect and rays of light to the brightest portions of an image.

  • Gloom creates a muted, dark glow.

  • Glow creates a basic glow effect.

  • Light Rays creates light rays shining through an image from a specified point.

  • Outer Glow creates glow around the outside of an image.

  • Overdrive creates an animated glow by compositing numerous glowing tinted duplicates of the original image.