Twirls an image like a fork twisting a plate of spaghetti. The image appears to stretch from the sides to the center in a spiral. The amount of spiraling is determined by the Twirl parameter.

Canvas showing effect of Twirl filter

Adjust this filter using the parameter controls in the Filters Inspector:

  • Amount: Sets the radius of the twirl. Larger values affect more of the image. Values range from 0 (none of the image is affected) to 1.00 (largest amount of the image is affected). You can also drag the outer circle of the onscreen controls in the Canvas.

  • Twirl: Sets the amount of twist. You can also drag the handle of the onscreen control in the Canvas.

  • Center: Sets the position of the center of the twirl. You can also drag the Center onscreen control in the Canvas.

  • Crop: Sets whether the filtered image is sharply cropped at its original boundaries. When this checkbox is deselected, the filter affects the edges of the image.

  • Mix: Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the twirled image.

  • Publish OSC: Publishes the filter’s onscreen controls in Final Cut Pro X. For more information on creating content for use in Final Cut Pro, see Final Cut Pro templates overview.