Animate filters using behaviors

Animating filter parameters is easy using Parameter behaviors, a special class of behaviors that animate a single parameter of an object. For example, if you have a layer with an applied Circle Blur filter, you can use a Parameter behavior to randomize the amount of blur applied to the object over time.

Animate a filter parameter using a Parameter behavior

  1. In the Layers list, Timeline, or Canvas, select an applied filter.

  2. In the Filters Inspector, do one of the following:

    • Place the pointer over the right side of a parameter row until the Animation pop-up menu appears (a downward arrow), then click the menu, choose Add Parameter Behavior, and choose a behavior from the submenu.

      Behavior shortcut menu for a filter parameter
    • Control-click a parameter name, choose Add Parameter Behavior from the shortcut menu, then choose a behavior from the submenu.

      A behavior icon (a gear) appears in the parameter row, and the Behaviors Inspector opens.

      Behavior icon in a filter parameter
  3. In the Behaviors Inspector, adjust the parameters of the newly applied Parameter behavior.

    Click the Play button (or press the Space bar) to see the results.