About filter performance

Filter performance considerations

In large projects with complex motion graphics, applying multiple filters can adversely affect your computer’s performance. To ensure smooth playback, use the following suggestions to optimize your use of filters:

  • When multiple layers are affected by a filter, place the targeted layers in a single group and apply the filter to the group (rather than applying the filter multiple times).

  • When applying filters to very large 2D groups (such as a group containing a growing particle system), select the Fixed Resolution checkbox in the Group Inspector. When Fixed Resolution is enabled, layers in the group that expand beyond the edges of the Canvas are cropped, reducing the processing load on your computer. For more information, see Constrain group size.

Filters affect text, 2D groups, and 3D groups in different ways. For more information, see About 2D and 3D group properties.

Third-party party effects and obsolete filters

Many third-party companies offer FxPlug filters and effects. If you install a third-party product, additional effects appear in the Filters list, usually in a separate, custom-named category.

If you open a project created in a previous version of Motion containing filters or media that are no longer available, an alert message appears listing the missing or obsolete items. For filter descriptions in earlier versions of Motion, see the user manual associated with that version of the application.