When Library media becomes unavailable

As with any other object used in a Motion project, Library media must be present and installed on your computer for that media to appear correctly in Motion. If someone gives you a project file and you don’t have the same filters or fonts used in the file, a warning appears when you open the project, listing the items that are unavailable.

You can close the project and install the necessary files on your computer, or you can open the file. When you open a file with missing media, the following occurs:

  • Missing Content: Missing content is treated like any other missing media item. For more information about reconnecting media, see Reconnect offline media files.

  • Missing Filters: When a filter is missing, a placeholder object appears in the Layers list and Timeline. When you reinstall the missing filter, the filter object replaces the placeholder, and the effect is applied properly.

  • Missing Fonts: When fonts are missing, the text objects that use those fonts default to Helvetica as a temporary substitute. Missing international fonts substitute the default system font for the relevant language.