Motion basics
About mice, keys, and multi-touch devices, Basic components of Motion, Motion interface at a glance, Motion workflow, What is Motion?.

Create and manage projects
Modify project properties, Use templates, Save, autosave, and revert projects, Create, edit, and delete project presets, Bypass the Project Browser, Search for projects using the Finder, Open an existing project, Create a new project, Overview.

Add and manage content
Manage source media, Add Library content, Import media files, Overview.

Play back projects
About project playback performance, Define the play range, View and adjust project timing, View and play back a project, Overview.

Work in a basic project
View and navigate in the Canvas, Adjust opacity and blending, Transform layers, Select and organize layers, Overview.

Work in a 3D project
Reflections, Shadows, Lighting, Add cameras to create 3D environments, 3D intersection, Transform layers in 3D space, About 3D coordinates, Overview.

Manage timing
Retime media, Edit in the mini-Timeline, Work with markers, Work in the ruler, Display and modify keyframes in the Timeline, Navigate in the Timeline, Edit objects in the Timeline, Manage Timeline layers and tracks, Add objects to the Timeline, Show, hide, or resize the Timing pane.

Animate with behaviors
Save and share custom behaviors, Additional behaviors, Simulation behaviors, Retiming behaviors, Parameter behaviors, Basic Motion behaviors, Overview, Behaviors and keyframes, About behavior order of operations, Manage behaviors and behavior timing.

Animate with keyframes
Simplify a keyframe-heavy curve, Animate on the fly, Work in the mini-curve editor, Work in the Keyframe Editor, Work with keyframes in the Timeline, Use keyframes to modify behaviors, Animate via the HUD, Animate via the Inspector, Animate in the Canvas, Add keyframes.

Create Final Cut Pro templates
Guidelines for better template creation, About using masks in templates, About template files and media save locations, Add multiple display aspect ratios to a template, Set template resolution, Control template timing and animation, Add parameter controls, Add, replace, or remove placeholder images, Work with generator templates, Work with title templates.

Build rigs
Publish rigs to Final Cut Pro, How to use rigs, Control rigs from parameter Animation menus, Manage parameter snapshots, Widget types, Work with widgets, Build a simple rig, How does rigging work?, Overview.

Create particles
Save custom particle effects to the Library, About using filters and masks with particles, Guidelines for using graphics in particle systems, About particle system timing, Create 3D particles, Animate emitters and cells, Adjust a particle system, Add a particle system to a project, Overview.

Create replicators
Save custom replicators to the Library, About using filters and masks with replicators, About replicator timing, Work with 3D replicators, Animate replicators, Adjust a replicator, Add a replicator to a project, How are replicators and particle systems different?, Overview.

Create and edit basic text
About using filters with text, Find and replace text in your project, Check spelling, Convert standard text into 3D text, Work with text glyphs, Edit text layout, Edit text appearance, Edit text format, Edit text in the Inspector, Use preset text styles.

Build 3D text
About 3D text intersection and layer order, Add glow or drop shadow effects, Modify lighting style, Modify surface appearance, Modify basic 3D text attributes, Move and rotate 3D text, Apply a preset 3D text style, Add 3D text to a project, 3D text workflow, Overview.

Animate text
Save a modified text behavior to the Library, About adding nontext behaviors to text, When should you use keyframes to animate text?, About animating basic text in 3D space, Animate individual text glyphs, Create a “type-on” effect, Create animated text tracking, Create scrolling text, Create custom text sequence behaviors, Use preset text behaviors.

Draw shapes, masks, and paint strokes
Save custom shapes and styles, Copy shape styles, About using filters and masks with shapes, Convert between shapes and masks, Work with masks and transparency, Keyframe shape control points, Shape behaviors, Shape controls in the Inspector, Edit shape fill, outline, and feathering, Edit shape control points.

Create graphics with generators
Save a modified generator to the Library, Text generators, Image generators, Customize a generator, Add a generator, Overview.

Add effects with filters
Save custom filters to the Library, About filter performance, About filters and alpha channels, Example: Color-match composited layers, Publish filters to Final Cut Pro, Filter types, Animate filter controls, Adjust filters, Apply and remove filters, Browse and preview filters.

Composite with color and luma keys
Correct or refine an existing matte, Use the Luma Keyer filter, Use the Keyer filter, Overview.

Track motion in clips
Save tracks to the Library, Tracking behavior controls, Guidelines for better tracking, Adjust onscreen trackers, Track a filter’s position parameter, Track shapes, masks, and paint strokes, Load existing tracking data into a tracking behavior, Define a range of frames for analysis, Unstabilize a clip, Stabilize a shaky clip.

Work with audio
Automate effects with audio behaviors, Edit audio, Play back audio files, Add audio files, View Audio files, Overview.

Share Motion projects
Share notifications, Display the background render list, Render settings, Export using Compressor, Export for HTTP Live Streaming, Export an image sequence, Export a still image, Export audio only, Export a QuickTime movie, Publish to video-sharing websites.

Media file formats
About high-resolution graphics, Differences in color between computer graphics and video, Pixel aspect ratio, Field order, Popular video codecs for file exchange.

Work smarter
About rasterization, Use color and gradient controls, Move projects, objects, or presets to another computer, Tablet Gestures, Keyboard shortcuts, Motion menus, Motion Preferences, Overview.